A lot of debt relief plans are suggested by the financial advisors with Uptra one of them is the National debt relief stimulus plan.Living with debts is a nightmare because all your monthly payments are swallowed by the creditors, when you are in short of money. And they keep demanding from you more and more.And finally you go in for a debt relief company they also charge so much that you cannot pay. Then you can go for national debt relief stimulus plan, This helps to get rid of the calls and letters from the creditors. But you have to reduce the interest rate by 50 to 70%.The creditors send a judgement for those who cannot pay their debts in time.And the judgement allows the creditor to grab all the valuable assets from you. The debt settlement fees have been lowered in the financial sector.You can get a free consultation with this plan, so that no money is spent and this gives the debt companies the chance to find a solution for your credit card debts.The judgement sent by the creditors to Uptra Consulting Services. is a public record and it appears in the newspapers.The creditors are provided with government incentives to help the customers.If you negotiate with them you can reduce your debts to a certain level but when you plan to choose bankruptcy method they won't get any money and a black mark is created among the financial firms. The national debt stimulus plan can only reduce the debt pain it cannot solve it fully.